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ISBN :9789865504168 / Pages : 456

Formosa's Warm Power: 36 Genuine-Living Spirits in Taiwan


Everyone’s life courses are presented from an exquisite and affective perspective. Their stories are nothing different from ours and these stories are the root that cultivates the energetic vitality of Taiwan. The author is a senior reporter, mastering at digging nobodies and their live comedies. His precise vision, glowing observation, and refined words revive the characters. With a few sentences, these characters became vividly alive as if they smiled, contemplated, frown, and had tears welled up in their eyes right in front of you. Their joy, depression, anger, and their reluctant resignation are all apprehended upon the first reading.
The 36 main characters and their spirits are not only the scenery but also the core spiritual value of this island. They are powerful drives deep down in the geocenter, lifting the height of this island relentlessly in a quiet way and shape the appearance of this island.

#Vicissitudes of life


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