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ISBN :9789865504069 / Pages : 304

800 Kilometers on the Santiago de Compostela, Where Kelly Found Herself


People on their way to Santiago de Compostela come from all around the world. Just like the shell-shaped direction sign, everyone aims at an identical goal. The starbursted-shape texture of the shells resembles the different routes of Santiago de Compostela, where they eventually gather in the sacred destination, Santiago de Compostela.
Stay out of the tedious chores from Taiwan and walk out of the comfort zone. Without stress at work, disturbance from idlers, and no WiFi signal, (as long as you did not buy a temporary SIM card.) the first thing after waking up and filing your stomach is to walk. In the beginning, noises remain in your mind. Past issues, current issues, and future issues are infused into unstopping waves. However, as time goes by, your mind becomes clear; your desire turns low, and distracting thoughts become less. Joyness spurs continually from your heart. You will be grateful for the strength and ability to walk, for the food to fill the stomach, and for the water to quench your thirst. True happiness is as simple as it is.

#Camino de Santiago


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