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ISBN :9789579057523 / Pages : 328

The Obsession of Modernity: Architect Xiu Zelan and Her Times

Author Pao-ning Yin
Award The 13th Japan International MANGA Award, Bronze Award

This book was based on documents, Drawings and interviews by Pao-ning Yin, building scholar had written over ten years. She explained form of manifestations, style and meanings by Xiu Zelan ’s life, and look for figures and works of female architects in professional building field, which dominated by male architects. Examine our sights of seeing and refactoring historic, period meanings of her works, and propose reflections to modernistic expound discussion of Taiwan contemporary buildings.

Xiu leaved precious gifts for Taiwan, made us searching dreams of modern. Look back building history which were after World War II, and think about who are we during building culture’s chances.

#Xiu Zelan # buildings # female Architect


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