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ISBN :9789869690058 / Pages : 259

The Dome of Light. An Entrance to Dreams: The creation story and guides of the work in Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung MRT (Chinese-English)

Author Narcissus Quagliata
Award 2020 Books From Taiwan x TAICCA

Narcissus Quagliata VS the Dome of Light
The creation process of the most beautiful public art work in the world

The birth story of “the Dome of Light” in Formosa Boulevard Station of Kaohsiung MRT, appraised as the most beautiful public art work, has finally been recorded and written. The whole process from work commission, production to creation is completely revealed in it.
The content of this book records the creation story of this specific public art work, which may be the largest in scale and the most complicated production process in Taiwanese history as well as receiving the greatest attentions all around the world. And yet how did the public art work with such appraisals produce?
In this book, the artist recounted the course of various thoughts after being commissioned in the first-person perspective. How did he face this unprecedented and enormous project? How did he persist and complete each stage to peacefully go through those difficult trials within and outside the work, especially when encountering the difficulties during creation, production and even those from the collaborative team? All of the stories were deftly told in this book with a plain and touching tone.

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