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ISBN :9789579529471 / Pages : 36

Little Mouse's Dream

Author Hsu-Kung Liu
Illustrator Hsu-Kung Liu

Fable-like story with simple text and magnificent illustrations creates a space for imagination and thinking. The open ending let the readers to have their own interpretation. Large format with one large spread offers readers a special reading experience as well.
Little mouse is a little chef. He was rushed off his feet in his kitchen from morning to night. Little Mouse had a little dream. He hoped he could travel around the world one day.
Big Mouse was Little Mouse's good friend. He lived in a big library far away. There were maps from all over the world and a big globe. Each day, Big Mouse was busy running around and reading piles of books.
Big Mouse wrote to Little Mouse, speaking of places he had been to and marvelous things he had learnt. Little Mouse was so jealous. He hoped one day he could travel around the world as well…



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