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ISBN :9789579057516 / Pages : 220

Preservation of Life: Han Pao-Teh's Indigenousness and Arts

Author Pao-Teh Han
Award 2020 Books From Taiwan x TAICCA

From daily life to creation, Han Pao-Teh rambled the Indigenousness and arts in fifteen chapters.
These and those taking place in life,
in the past or at present,
are all the unique exotic plants outside the palace in Han Pao-Teh’s eyes,
all of which transformed into local heritage and motivity.
This book falls into four volumes, including “Native Artists”, “Indigenous Arts”, “Indigenous Architecture” and “Old Streets”.
Each volume contains the definitions of terms and elaborate discourses of the events occurring at that moment, such as the indigenousness and the folks, natives and outsiders, crafts and antiques etc. All of them refers to each other but their similarities in analogy influences seems to be different, which extends another or more possibilities from Han Pao-Teh’s profound but simple illustrations and comparisons.

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